Do you provide estimates before repairing?

I will do my best to provide a rough estimate for you at no charge (involving a little guess-work), while you are at my door with your gear.  Later, I will do a closer analysis of your gear on the workbench.  I will then complete the repair if I can do it at or less than the rough estimate amount.  If costs will be any higher than the rough estimate, I will contact you before completing the repair. and give you the updated estimate.  If you do decline, there will be a $30+tax estimate charge, and you may pick up your unrepaired item.  If you choose to go ahead with the repair, there will be no extra charges for the estimate.

NOTE - all estimates are PRE sales tax (tax will be added when the final invoice is created).

What are your shop rates?

Shop rate is $75/hr +tax.  Estimates are $30+tax.  A quick guess of the repair costs can usually be given for free when you are at my shop dropping off your gear.

I will require a pre-payment of $30+tax for each piece of equipment left at the shop for repair work.  This $30 will be credited towards the final repair bill or the estimate fee, whichever applies.

Do you offer warranty?

Of course!  The repair work that I do and parts that I install are covered by a 90-day warranty.  This means that I will happily make the repair right at my expense when you bring it back to me, or I may choose to refund the full costs of the repair.

Note these important points:

  • Your entire item is not covered by this warranty.  Only the parts of it that I service are covered.  However, during my testing and analysis I will do my best to discover and inform you of all defects that should be repaired.
  • The warranty expires at 90 days after you pick up your item from me.  "I didn't test it" will not be accepted as a reason to extend the warranty.
  • If the repaired item is subject to abuse after the repairs are done, my warranty will be void.  I will know because I've seen a lot over the years.  🙂
  • Examples of abuse:
  •    - Disassembly or modification
  •    - Dropping or unusual impact
  •    - Improper electrical connections, or connection to other defective equipment
  •    - Exposure to moisture
  •    - "My cat peed inside it"
  •    - Exposure to power surge on the AC power line, or wrong AC adaptor used
  •    - Incorrect impedance matching between amplifier and speaker
  •    - Plain old driving it too loud.  No equipment is completely invulnerable.

Do you provide on-site service?

Sorry, no.  My service is limited to items that are brought to the shop.

What if I don't pick up my equipment promptly?

I will go through reasonable effort to contact you, using the personal contact information you give me when you drop off your equipment.  Interest charges accumulate at 2% per month starting on the date of repair completion.  All interest charges will be waived if your item is paid for within 30 days of repair completion.  After 90 days past the repair completion date, all equipment and accessories that you dropped off, along with any monetary pre-payments made towards the repair at any time, will become my property.